Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Easter was pretty low-key this year with all the birthday celebrations going on! We went to church and then headed into Daniel & Sara's for an Easter egg hunt and dinner.

Partying like a six year old!

Oh, to be six again and have your birthday stretch out for over a week with constant cards, gifts, and people. Six years old and almost done with Kindergarten, our babies are growing up.

Morning of actual birthday before school.

Birthday party with grandparents and cousins.

Easton with his guitar cake!

Keara with her Barbie/Tangled cake!

Playing 'Pin the Pepperoni on the Pizza' at the birthday party!

Keara and her friends that made it to the party.

Easton and his friends at the party (minus one).

Our Chaffee cousins birthday party. This year we headed to Great Wolf in Kansas City to celebrate a one-year, three year, 2- four-year, and 2 six-year birthdays!

Oh, and yes, I guess, I age too!! On my birthday with K & E.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow, winter, snow, winter, snow....

We are all ready for winter to be over and warmer weather to arrive.

Our snowman that only lasted a few days!

Our ultra-talented son!

Allen & I on our ski trip to Colorado.

Maggie's 9th Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

On January 16th, my Dad turned 60! So, we had a surprise party for him. It was tricky, considering it was held at their house. We prepared food and all the guests arrived while he was entertaining grandkids in the basement!

That was a 'hot' cake!!

The Dolezal Family

2010 Wrap-Up

This year went by so quickly, I can't believe it is over! Starting with the winter that would never end, we finally thawed out in April! May brought the end of our preschool era and the beginning of a fun summer. Allen did a lot of traveling through the spring and summer and started working on his graduate degree in Banking. In August, Keara and Easton started Kindergarten and I found myself at home alone for the first time in five and half years! I started substitute teaching and have kept busy with volunteering and various projects at home.

New Year's Eve with family!

Easton's first lost tooth!! He lost it right after seeing Santa. He was eating an orange slice and it just fell out.

Keara's first black eye. She got it at recess at school (by accident, of course!).

Maggie and her cuddling toy!

Christmas 2010

Keara madly unwrapping a gift!

Easton got a bow & arrow from Santa

Keara (5), Easton (5), Brooklyn (4), Brody (4), Braxton (2), & Jett (9 months)

The Chaffee Family

Keara (5), Easton (5), Macy (1) & Kian (3)

Letters to Santa!

Thanksgiving 2010

We have a lot to be thankful for in 2010. We are all healthy and happy, Keara and Easton love school and we are enjoying where we live. We celebrated by... eating, spending time with family, and of course, more eating!!

Keara and her teacher at the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast.

Easton and his teacher.

Me being proud of my pie :)

Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool

Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool

Our group was in charge of mixing together the corn casserole.

We had to take turns stirring!

We played games, and...

sang songs with beanbags :), and...

dressed up like Indians and Pilgrims and enjoyed our food.

Hanging Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas Lights
Just one of the fun holiday traditions. Luckily, Allen somewhat enjoys it!

Lulu decided to help too and climbed the ladder to the roof.


My first homemade pie!


Keara- Princess Belle, Easton- Spiderman

Easton giving us 'web in the eyes'

Trick or treat! I think Easton probably rang that doorbell about three times!

We could have gone to 100 houses and Keara still would have said, go next house, more candy!

Easton was most excited about his suckers! He dug through one lady's bowl for about a minute straight saying, 'no, want something better' until he came upon a sucker!

Allen as Spiderman. Thank god they don't make that costume for adults!

Me, simply trying to live a dream! Although it is nice not to have an evil step-mother that tries to kill me or locks me in an attic!

Nebraska Game

Nebraska Game
Allen and I enjoying the NE vs. Baylor game and a fun day in Lincoln

Chaffee Fall Harvest

Chaffee Fall Harvest
Grandpa, Grandma, Keara & Easton

Grandpa teaching the basics!

Sunflower Photo Shoot!

Sunflower Photo Shoot!
aren't they cute!





Ahhh...the love

Ahhh...the love

First Day of School

First Day of School
Me and my babies


a few tears, but Daddy's fish face got a smile!


ready to go, stop with the pictures Mom, let's go

Daddy and kiddos

Daddy and kiddos
earth to Allen, come in Allen

Photos from the Past

Photos from the Past
Our first house in Kansas City. This was the last day we moved out of our house and the day we told Allen's family we were expecting- one baby- at the time!

April 20, 2005- they are finally here.

The four of us at the southern-most point in Ireland, Mitzen Head Point.

One of our many days at Memorial Park

Family vacation to South Carolina

June 2006- Easton with his cousins Brooklyn and Brody

March 2007- Keara and Easton with their brand new cousin, Kian

May 2008- our newest cousin and nephew, Braxton

July 2008- Keara and Easton with their Irish cousins, Kathryn and Roisin

August 2008- our Chaffee cousins, Brooklyn, Brody and Braxton

August 2008- Keara and Easton with cousin Kian